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Whoopi Says Americans Don’t Want Wall, So Let Trump Pay For It — Instantly Regrets It

Whoopi Goldberg and her friends at The View keep trashing the President of the United States, and still do not approve the construction of the border wall.

Whoopi does not agree with the President’s stance to shut down the US government in order to get the wall funded. The co-hist said that President Trump should fund the border wall, because Americans do not like it.

President Trump played the game of politics when he brought Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the Oval Office.
Democrats could not reach an agreement with the President on the funding of the border wall. President Trump did his best to use every diplomatic approach he knows of, and could not take it anymore. He wanted to show Americans that Democratic leaders are more than ignorant when it comes to boosting our national security.

“It was clear from the start that the Democratic leaders were not expecting to start their discussion in front of cameras, as they immediately defaulted to their talking points. For his part, Trump gave no ground, insisting on $5 billion to build portions of the border wall he promised during his campaign. In the end, the idea of a government shutdown to secure the border was fully embraced by the president,” The Daily Caller reported.

“Trump can open up that very fat wallet he talks about and start the ball rolling. Trump can put 10{7825f29883cba0ee290589dd0f643975ae77265b6c4b6f2255a8006b72fabf4c} down, just 10{7825f29883cba0ee290589dd0f643975ae77265b6c4b6f2255a8006b72fabf4c} down because he is a construction guy and he can just get it built! I mean, how hard can it be for YOU to build the wall? And then pass the hat, you know, maybe put a ‘Go Fund Me’ wall page up,” Whoopi said.

Abby Huntsman said that in our country it’s only “Trump’s base who wants that to still happen,” referring to the wall.

“But 65 percent of Republicans do not think Trump should compromise, even if it means a government shutdown, and 63 percent say building a wall should be a top priority,” reported the Washington Post.

“Trump’s base really didn’t get anything else. Taxes really didn’t go down and their air is getting polluted, and we don’t have friendships around the world anymore..so what did Trump’s base get but maybe the wall?” Joy Behar said.

Mark Levin had a nice message for Whoopi. “Democrats …favored $150 billion for the Iranian terror regime but oppose $5 billion to secure our border. Pretty sick when you think about it.”

“Its guaranteed, if this would’ve happened with no cameras present, the storyline would be Anti-Trump, with a Democrat MSM spin shredding Trumps stance on border security. Since when is it ok to sacrifice safety? This has nothing to do with race, it has to do with American security,” a Twitter user wrote.

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