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Watch: Trump’s Comments About Jesus at WH Tree Lighting Ceremony Leave Liberals Horrified..

Some people may attempt to ignore the fact that Christmas is the celebration of Christ by calling it the “holiday season” but, that doesn’t make is any less true.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump, during the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree lighting at the White House, delivered an uplifting speech, highlighting that the reason for the festivities is the birth of Christ.

He thanked those who made the Christmas decorations possible with their hard work and started his speech with the story about the birth of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.

“An angel declared to the shepherds tending their flocks, ‘Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. There in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph held in their hands the Son of God, the light of the world, and through Him the promise of eternal salvation,” began Trump.

“No matter one’s faith or beliefs, the Christmas seasons reflects all that is best in the American spirit,” he continued.

Furthermore, the president said that this is the time of the year when we are thankful for everything that he have, time do remind ourselves to help those in need and rejoice with our families.

He took the opportunity to praise the foster families as well.

“We are especially thankful for the countless Americans who have given their time and passion to help those in need. Here in the audience today are a number of extraordinary foster families and guardians joined by the beautiful children they have welcomed into their homes. … To every child in foster care: You are the precious loved one and gift of God,” Trump said.

Trump then mentioned the families who suffered great loss due to natural disasters and unfortunate incidents this past year, saying that America is one big family and that our thoughts are with them as well.

“At this time of the year, we renew the bonds of affection between our fellow citizens, and we awaken the faith in our hearts that calls each of us to action,” he said. “As we gather loved ones, our thoughts turn to those who are rebuilding their lives after devastating wildfires, destructive hurricanes and terrible tragedy. We are one American family. We hurt together, we heal together and we will always pull through together. This is the United States of America.”

He thanked those who didn’t hesitate to risk their lives for the country and fellow Americans on behalf of every citizen in America, adding that the military “is stronger than ever before.”

“Their families are all our families, and we thank them so much for their greatness and for the incredible job they do,” Trump said.

The president concluded his speech by asking God to bless America.

“We ask God to watch over this nation’s heroes and to shed His almighty grace upon our nation, and we pray that America’s light will shine more brightly and stronger than ever,” Trump said.

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