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WATCH: Melania Dazzles Crowd at the G20 Summit in Argentina

On Thursday, President Trump and First Lady Melania departed from the White House to attend the G20 Summit in Argentina, arriving late in the evening.

As the President and First Lady departed, the press buzzed over Melania’s wardrobe, and photographers flocked to get pictures of her leather ensemble.

The following day, Melania’s shoes continued to steal the show as she and Argentine First Lady Juliana Awada attended the G20 Summit.

Outside of the Argentine capital, Melania’s Gucci dress dazzled reporters as she posed with other First Ladies, including Brigitte Macron and Sophie Trudeau.

The Summit, which features leaders and representatives from around the world, kicked off on Friday, and will continue for two days, marking the thirteenth time the group has met.

Melania Trump looked lovely in leather today as she strutted across the South Lawn of the White House.

Ahead of her trip with President Donald Trump to the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our first lady was ready to take flight clad in a lilac leather skirt, brown top and a brown leather coat draped around her shoulders. Completing the chic look was a pair of croc-embossed Manolo Blahnik BB pumps.

Featuring a low-cut vamp and topline with pointy toes on a 4-inch stiletto heel, the pumps are one of the most flattering footwear silhouettes because it helps lengthen the appearance of legs. It’s been 10 years since Blahnik created the footwear and named it after French movie star Brigitte Bardot. “It’s a good shoe for every occasion,” he has said of the pumps.

Indeed. She repeated the style when she arrived in Argentina later in the day, swapping out the croc-style texture for the luxury brand’s cow-print pointy pumps. The former model also changed her skirt, opting for a white color that cut just above the knee.

On Wednesday, Melania helped light the National Christmas tree outside the White House wearing a white Max Mara coat with taupe thigh-high boots.

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