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Ted Cruz Backs Sanctuary Victim Bill – Southern State Angels Could Finally Get Justice

One bold state is putting sanctuary victims first – and Ted’s on board!

One state in the union has just sent a strong message to millions of concerned citizens:

Americans will be protected, and cities that refuse to obey the law will be held accountable.

And even though it’s not the state of Texas, Ted Cruz is signing on to back the bill.

Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina announced fresh legislation this week designed to protect those impacted by sanctuary policies.

This comes hot on the heels of a North Carolina Sheriff’s office refusing to cooperate with ICE and releasing a dangerous foreign individual.

And this was only the latest instance of the police refusing to comply with detainer requests.

But Tillis says no more (via The Daily Caller):

“The Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act would ‘hold sanctuary jurisdictions accountable for failing to comply with lawful detainer and release notification requests made by federal authorities and jeopardizing public safety.’”

That’s fantastic: the legislation moves to create “a private right of civil action for the victims of sanctuary jurisdictions.”

This means that those affected by sanctuary policies have the right to sue the jurisdiction in question.

And any sanctuary city that “refuses to waive its immunity as it relates to sanctuary-related civil action” could be punished:

They could lose funding… which is a major blow to any city or county.

Said Tillis:

If politicians want to prioritize reckless sanctuary policies over public safety, they should also be willing to provide just compensation for the victims.

Well said!

Ted Cruz spoke up in favor, saying;

“The American people, and Texas communities in particular, are tired of seeing our federal immigration laws flouted and criminal illegal immigrants enabled to commit future crimes and escape prosecution.”

And fellow Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) agreed wholeheartedly, saying this is “a good piece of legislation that is long overdue.”

Well, it’s good to see politicians putting American citizens first… finally.

While many Democrats have supported sanctuary cities, many citizens find them to be unlawful and dangerous, and some have paid dearly.

Now, let’s just hope that more states follow North Carolina and pass similar legislation!

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