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Social Security Changes Coming In 2019 – Trump Move Affects Millions…

Donald just made a major impact on millions over 60.

Liberals love accusing Trump of wanting to get rid of Social Security.

They claim he’s too rich to care about the millions of Americans who have paid into the program their whole lives but aren’t receiving what they deserve.

In reality, it’s the Democrats who keep stealing money from Social Security to fund their big government projects.

Trump has been committed for years to protecting Social Security – the Left just don’t like his genius plan to save it.

Instead of taxing Americans into oblivion, he wants to grow America’s economy to keep Social Security healthy.

And big changes are coming because Trump’s plan is already working. From The Motley Fool:

Trump doesn’t want to change anything about how the program is currently set up. Rather, he wants to adjust fiscal policy, which would aim to grow the economy at a faster pace.

Trump wants to boost payroll tax revenue collected by strengthening the U.S. economy. In September, Trump even commented that his party was “making Social Security stronger.”

But is this actually the case? Has the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, along with other Republican policies, made Social Security stronger? If we were to examine the very short term, then a case can certainly be made that the president is correct.
Second-quarter GDP growth came in at 4.2{7825f29883cba0ee290589dd0f643975ae77265b6c4b6f2255a8006b72fabf4c}, the fastest growth rate since the third quarter of 2014.

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Social Security is at a crucial moment, as it is expected to start spending more than it takes in unless the economy keeps growing.

But already beneficiaries are seeing huge improvements to the program, which provides assistance to more than 62 million Americans.

With the cost of living increasing, Social Security benefits are increasing as well to make up the difference.

Recipients will now receive a 2.8{7825f29883cba0ee290589dd0f643975ae77265b6c4b6f2255a8006b72fabf4c} boost, which is sure to help ease the financial burden caused by inflation.

There’s also a big increase in maximum benefits if retirees reach their maximum retirement age before collecting their benefits.

With our booming economy, Social Security’s funding will now be more secure, provided Americans keep voting Republican.

But liberals and the media keep saying Trump’s plan will destroy Social Security. What do you think?

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