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Singer Rihanna Accuses U.S. Of ‘Terrorism’ For Using Tear Gas At Border(Read More)

In the latest episode of celebrity hysteria, singer Rihanna has accused federal law enforcement personnel of engaging in acts of “terrorism” after U.S. Border Patrol agents used tear gas to repel a mob of migrants that stormed the southern border over the weekend.

The singer took to her Instagram account to join in on the demonization of those who are tasked with the thankless and dangerous task of enforcing the nation’s immigration laws and protecting the southern border from mobs.

The social media post is a picture of a retweet that included Shaun King, a former Black Lives Matter activist who now writes for “The Intercept” and is well-versed at sowing the seeds of racial resentment at every opportunity via Twitter.

The Border Patrol was forced to use such measures when migrants stormed the Tijuana border just south of San Diego on Sunday as the caravans get closer and the Trump administration is faced with how to appropriately and humanely deal with an organized effort that some have compared to an invasion.

Rihanna’s disgusting pejorative is just the latest in strident rhetoric that has emanated from the left and their celebrity opinion leaders who have dehumanized Border Patrol and ICE employees as the moral equivalent of the Nazis who murdered Jewish Children at Auschwitz.

The comparison is beyond the pale but that hasn’t stopped top Democrats like incoming socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from flippantly invoking the Holocaust to contribute to an already volatile situation that could potentially end with federal agents being harmed or even killed if cooler heads don’t prevail.

Don’t expect any moderation in tone coming from the media either.

The Washington Post poured more gasoline on the fire with a column that insinuated that Border Patrol agents are guilty of war crimes.

Rihanna wasn’t even the most unhinged celeb on Twitter, actress Alyssa Milano has found more recognition as a social media mob ringleader than she ever did during her long career in sitcoms and B-movies.

Once again, we can see how dangerous that social media has become when irresponsible and largely ignorant celebs are able to appeal to millions with their fringe opinions and overwrought historical analogies.

Sooner or later, someone is going to end up getting killed the more that these people instigate those who may be prone to acting out in a violent manner. It’s only a matter of time, too.

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