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Right Before Comey Testified to Congress, Trey Gowdy Exposed Him as The Swamp Rat he Truly is

President Donald Trump did the best thing to fire former FBI Director James Comey, and now Conrgessman Trey Gowdy is ready to expose Hillary’s ally.

Comey will speak before the US Congress, and that was the right opportunity for Gowdy to unveil all the dirty things Comey did during his time in office.

Right before the testimony, Gowdy responded to Comey’s comments in which the former director of the Bureau said that Gowdy is afraid to talk to him in public. Well, the congressman could no longer wait for the right moment to strike back, and this time he said that the last time he confronted Comey, the former FBI director told him over “100 times” that he “cannot answer in this setting.” And that’s not all. The best is yet to come

Gowdy also said that Comey is lying, adding that Americans are well aware of his shady past. He talked about Comey in a shocking video clip, and guess what, it went viral. Simple as that. Well, people knew that Comey was up to no good at the very first moment he decided to let Hillary Clinton go.

The congressman talked about the Bureau’s use of the fabricated Steele ‘dossier’ which was the base for the efforts to get a FISA Warrant and spy on President Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

Gowdy also said that the FBI knew that Christopher Steele is not a legitimate source of info, and he was already allowed to answer reporters’ questions. Americans will always remember Steele as the man who provided sources for the fake “dossier,” and triggered an investigation into our President.

Comey did not see this coming, and this will definitely hunt him for life. He made a really huge mistake, and Comey will expose the last bit of his controversial operations in the FBI.

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