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President Trump Showcases New Upgrade Feature for Border Wall, Illegals Stunned at ‘Brutally Efficient’ Addition

During his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump promised the American citizens that he would do everything in his power to put an end to illegal immigration, including building a wall at the southern border. Many Americans voted for Trump just because of his strong stance on border security.

Now, President Trump is showing everyone that he intends to keep his promise by making improvements to the southern border.

Illegal immigration is still an essential issue and a key political topic and the Central American migrant caravan hasn’t made things easier. Trump has noted on many occasions that steps need to be taken to prevent illegals from entering the U.S., especially after the release of photos of the migrant caravan, showing the migrants climbing the border wall.

Thus, the Trump administration has taken action to upgrade the security at the border. The president uploaded a photo on Twitter, proving that people who want to try to climb over the border fence will have to think twice before doing so.

“Unfortunately for those migrants threatening to illegally enter the U.S. that way — as well as the liberal ‘journalists’ who defended and dismissed the threat — Trump’s administration was keeping a watchful eye on the developments and took action shortly thereafter to mitigate that potential threat of a mass of migrants climbing over the border fence,” reported Western Journal.

“The Fake News is showing old footage of people climbing over our Ocean Area Fence. This is what it really looks like – no climbers anymore under our Administration!” tweeted the president.

Not only will the upgrade on the fence prove difficult to climb but, it look like it will also deter people from even attempting to do anything of the sort.

Despite Trump being against illegal immigration, he still welcomes those who want to enter the U.S. legally, even though the far-left media and liberals claim differently. They’ve attempted to paint the president as a racist but Trump has always been an advocate of legal immigration. His efforts regarding the southern border are due to his duty to keep American citizens safe.

“The Washington Times reported on Nov. 14 that the Department of Homeland Security began to deploy the concertina wire along the border fence mere hours after the initial demonstration of migrants climbing to the top of the border fence,” reported Western Journal.

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