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One School District Will Require Students To ‘Honor’ Islamic ‘Holy Days’(Read More)

The number of Muslim residents in the US is on the rise, and authorities still struggle to put the situation under control. But, things do not go as smooth as we planned. We have Muslims demanding for special rights. Some of them demand that the Islam is incorporated into society. The religious minority came out with a new demand, and school districts are forced to deal with a few sensitive topics. The community demands solutions, and Muslims are pressing really hard.

Connecticut’s Waterbury School District was shaken by another scandal. Officials received a controversial demand, and they only had one choice. They had to ignore all the Muslim families who complain constantly or meet the concerns of non-Muslim parents. Several Muslim residents urged the district to observe Islamic holidays, and the school board had to make a final decision.

The local outlet reported that one of Connecticut’s district already ruled that schools will have to honor two Muslim holidays. The Waterbury Board of Education voted, and now schools cannot schedule exams, field trips or other school events during these holidays.

The petition was signed by more than 300 signatures, and the board eventually honored the Islamic faith. Muslim students were allowed to skip school on their holidays. Superintendent Dr. Cathleen Oullette said that board members hope to “show respect for the Muslim culture” with this decision.

One of the parents, Fahd Syed, was more than satisfied with this decision. He is happy that his four children will not be obliged to choose between education and their faith.

“Growing up in Waterbury myself and going to school here, I missed a trip because of the holiday. I had to choose my faith and I didn’t go to the trip. That was in the third grade at Washington Elementary,” Syed said.

Waterbury Board of Education President Charles Stango said that their final goal was to allow Muslim students to stay real to their religious convictions and honor the educational requirements.

“We were approached about this, and we thought about it, and honored it,” Stango noted.

Dr. Oullette said that the parents will be informed of the changes.

“A sensitivity memo will go out to the district to teachers and staff, asking them to be sensitive to the Muslim holidays in regards to scheduling assessments and major events that happen through the district,” Dr. Ouellette explained.

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