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On His First Day Back at WH, Acosta Gets Humiliated by Sarah Huckabee for Breaking the Rules Again

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got back to her daily press briefings today with a packed room full of reporters.

This is the first press briefing since the reinstatement of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” after it was suspended due to a scuffle he had with a White House aide in the beginning of November.

Many reporters spent the whole briefing hounding Sarah about law enforcement’s handling of the migrant caravan at our southern border but Acosta was focused on President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Acosta asked if Paul Manafort allegedly breaching his plea agreement with the Special Counsel would affect President Trump’s feelings about Manafort’s part in the investigation. He was trying to trip Sarah up but she refused to let him.

“We can only speak to what our role is in that process, and not only has the President but his entire administration has been fully cooperative with the special counsel’s office, providing hours and hours of sit-downs as well as 4 million pages of documents. We continue to be cooperative but we also know that there was no collusion and we are ready for this to wrap up.”

Then Acosta starts in with the lies, accusing Trump of not believing his own intelligence agencies on the Kashoggi killing. He also said Trump does not believe the recent climate change report that came out last Friday.

Sarah stops him mid-sentence and shows him that she will no longer back down to his dirty tactics.

“That’s not true. The president has a great deal of faith in the intelligence community and certainly in the team that he has assembled around him, however, I’ve addressed the climate report.”

Sarah reminded him that there has not been any definitive proof regarding the killing of journalist Jamal Kashoggi but that the people that have been proven to be involved have been sanctioned already.

Here is Jim Acosta again wasting everyone’s time with questions that do nothing to get information to the American people.

He also broke one of the rules set out for his conditional reinstatement to the White House press corps by asking a follow up question. The White House outlined rules to be followed by all reporters, including not asking follow up questions and Jim Acosta just does not think the rules apply to him.

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