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Millions RUSH To Join The NRA After Anti-Gun Lectures By The Liberal Media

The Democratic Party and the mainstream media have helped the NRA gain incredible traction with the war they’ve waged on them in the wake of the Florida shooting.

CNN hosted a Town Hall last Wednesday, it was highly criticized after multiple people claimed it was scripted. Unsurprisingly, the Democrats placed the blame on the NRA.

The Florida shooter wasn’t an NRA member. The Florida shooter had never worked with the NRA. The Florida shooter had ZERO to do with the NRA, yet it was still blamed by the left.

Even Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel blamed the NRA during CNN’s Town Hall despite his multiple failures in preventing the shooter from ripping down the halls of the school.

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch was viciously attacked during the Town Hall when one of the students attacked her motherhood and someone in the audience yelled “burn her!”

Now, leftists have taken to Twitter to run #BoycottNRA hashtags. Once again, the NRA has no connection to the shooter.

Companies such as Hertz, Metlife, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and many others have cut ties with the NRA for any deals and discounts that were offered to the NRA’s members.

Google Trends even show a massive surge in “how to join the NRA” searches this week.

On Twitter, thousands of members were excited to join the NRA thanks to the attacks they’ve received from liberals.

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