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I began this floor covering as a touch of an examination and with no arrangement to make an instructional exercise so please excuse me if the photographs are a little cobbled together.

Alright folks, presently this is to a greater extent a long distance race than a dash (in spite of the fact that it is very speedy) so I think we have to sort out ourselves before we start. Why ? as a result obviously I hopped in feet first and cushioned up a couple of things and could have improved so you all get the advantage of my experience.

You will require :

Cotton sashing string: I began with 8mm and needed to truly crush it under my presser foot. When I came up short on 8mm I needed to utilize 7mm – and it was a lot simpler. You may need to perceive what your own machine is glad to adapt to. My completed carpet measures approx 47 crawls crosswise over and I utilized 125 meters (right around 400 feet) of cotton sashing.

Texture strips: Any length x 1/4 inches wide. (Contingent upon my temperament, I tore a few and cut a few.) My strips fluctuated somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 inches however I found the smaller ones most effortless to wrap. I have no clue how a lot of texture I utilized yet my pieces are again really fitting in the piece crate.

Polyester Thread : Lots of string – more string than you can envision. It is a smart thought to pre-wind a pile of bobbins too, in light of the fact that once you begin you are going to need to continue going – it is exceptionally addictive!

Pants needle: I began with a standard needle and broke one preceding realistic kicked in and I changed to a pants needle.

Set Up:

Alright folks, this is the key to progress. You should have the option to sew some place that your machine will be at a similar level as a level surface generally the size of the mat you need to make. You can’t fudge this progression or you will wind up making a bushel.

I began by putting the abnormal minimal plastic table on my sewing machine (I have never utilized it) yet in the beginning times the carpet develops so rapidly that it exceeded that little table in a matter of moments.

At last, my kitchen table, knocked into the kitchen seat (With the Guinness book of records under my machine to raise it) was the ideal workstation. There is a container, additionally on a book behind my machine and once the floor covering got more extensive than this game plan I put seats by the seat. That’s right, home wonderful the whole distance.

You truly should have the option to deal with this, on the off chance that you don’t have a level surface it is difficult to keep your floor covering level.

Machine settings:

I set my machine at the most stretched out crisscross join conceivable and the line length at generally the midpoint of what my machine offers.


Basically fold one of the strips over the finish of your sashing, ensuring you have secured the end.

In the event that you look carefully you can see, the crisscross join as well as a straight line running the length of the line. I started by sewing the length of the string after I had wrapped it. I before long understood this was twofold taking care of and it wasn’t generally required.

Wind your secured sashing into a circle and sew. It couldn’t be less difficult.


Essentially fold the following texture strip into the one past and continue wrapping.

You will in all likelihood get little bits hanging out – it is no issue by any means, they get covered up as you include the following line around the carpet.

I started by sewing the parts of the bargains string together however that implied removing the carpet from the machine each time. The sashing string had tape on each conclusion to quit fraying, so at last I simply taped them together – woohoo !! Simple !!

As the mat develops it will get heavier – significantly heavier ! It will at that point become more earnestly for your machine to ‘pull’ the floor covering through. When the mat turned out to be exceptionally huge, I would sew around 20 cm and afterward pull the floor covering around, continually straightening out it so I was doing the overwhelming work not the machine.

Tips: on the off chance that you have a needle up/needle down capacity on your machine set it at needle up. When your floor covering gets enormous and overwhelming and you beginning pushing it around a bit,you are more averse to break a needle on the off chance that you leave it up.

Wrapping up:

I snapped this picture late around evening time so please pardon it.

I enveloped the finish of the sashing by clingy tape (only one layer) and after that cut it, decreasing it to a sort of point. I secured the crude cut edge with more tape and after that wrapped it and sewed. A little spot of backtacking and the mat is finished!

Note : My machine gathered an astonishing measure of build up during this task. I don’t know whether it was the long periods of sewing in one sitting, or something to do with the cotton sashing yet it merits your time and energy to stop at regular intervals and evacuate the build up develop.

In the event that you have any inquiries I will answer them in the remarks so everybody can understand them, so ensure you fly back to find your solution.

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