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Lindsey Graham Calls Maxine Waters’ Bluff After She Demands Trump’s Impeachment

Senator Lindsey Graham stopped by Fox News’ “Your World” with Neil Cavuto on Friday where he discussed the recent sentencing of Michael Cohen as well as the alleged campaign finance violations that President Trump may be facing.

Democrats think they have a slam dunk on President Trump with Cohen being sentenced to three years in prison for crimes ranging from tax evasion to lying to Congress. Maxine Waters has once again started calling for Trump’s impeachment.

On Wednesday, Waters accused Trump of being “a criminal” who “deserves to be impeached.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion during the 2016 Presidential election has not presented any evidence of collusion by President Trump and that Cohen’s sentence means nothing in those terms despite Democrats salivating at any news about it.

He also noted that the possible campaign finance violations don’t “have a damn thing to do with Russia.”

Graham then laid the hammer down on Democrats eagerness to impeach Trump without having any direct evidence of impeachable offenses.

“If you think this is worthy of impeachment in the House, go ahead. I think most Americans won’t agree with that.”

He also brought up the fact that he was he lone Republican who voted against articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton during his presidency.

“Lying about sex wasn’t enough then for me. And it’s not enough now.”

So Democrats who are too eager to try to impeach Trump need to take a step back and realize that they might just be shooting themselves in the foot voting for impeachment without evidence of any wrongdoing.

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