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Just In: Sarah Sanders Laughed In CNN Host’s Face After Catching Him In SICK Lie During Live Interview

Chris Cuomo was super excited about his interview with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as he hoped to slam her and the President. This interview was supposed to boost his ratings, but things did not go the way Cuomo planned.

Cuomo faced serious backlash after Americans called him out for selective coverage and dramatic bias. Let’s not forget the fake news. So, this interview was the thing he needed to regain some credibility. Sanders did not take the bait.

One of the things that Cuomo wanted to know was if Sanders is happy with her job in the White House. The Press Secretary said ‘yes,’ and started talking about the accomplishments of the President and his administration. Sanders spoke about the strong economy and the President’s legislation that favors veterans.

Cuomo had nothing to do there, and went on asking if the Press Secretary believes that Trump’s contention with the media is sustainable.
“Do you think that by saying, ‘We stink,’ that we don’t like veterans, that we are bad for America, the president says we are enemies of America, do you think that that works for you long-term?” Cuomo asked.

“ What I think is important to remember is that you guys get to ask the questions, but you can’t always complain about the answers. You constantly ask the same question over and over and over again and expect different answers and then get mad when the answers don’t change,” Sarah responded.

The interview did not develop in the way Cuomo hoped, so he tried to cut her off. “Yeah, that’s the job, that’s the job!”
Sanders struck back with a truth bomb. “No, the job is to get information and to report the news!” she fired.

This was a huge bite for Cuomo, and he hard time swallowing it. Sanders was not done with Cuomo. “Unfortunately, you guys quit reporting the news. When I can read a news story and I have no idea what side of the story the reporter is on, that’s a good news story.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of news that looks like that [on CNN].”
What did Cuomo do next? He tried to state that Sarah does not answer public’s questions during WH press briefings. “I answer questions all day, every day,” Sanders retorted. “It’s what I spend every minute of the day doing. It’s why I’m sitting here at 9 o’clock at night answering questions to you.”

Cuomo’s liberal views are more than obvious, but Sarah always finds a way to shut him down. He seems to be forgetting all the things he said in 2015, and all the things related to the Russian collusion and Benghazi.

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