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JUST IN: First Lady Melania Trump’s Office Issues Response to Michelle Obama and It’s Fire

Michelle Obama still tried to put a black dot on the name of First Lady Melania Trump. But, she forgets that her time in the White Office is over. The Obamas are finally out of the world of politics despite their efforts to get involved in everything that happens in our country. Now Michelle says that our First Lady never asked her for an advice despite being provided with an extended invitation. How dares she?

First Lady Melania did not remain silent, and decided to strike back. Her office has the perfect response to Michelle’s comments, and we believe that the former first lady will never forget this response. Michelle and Barack better step back and let the Trumps do their job. That’s why they came to the White House. That’s why every American voted for Donald Trump.

“In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts that aired Sunday, Michelle Obama said that Trump hasn’t asked for help ever since the Obamas left the White House.

First Lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman had a dispute with CNN reporter Kate Bennett on Monday in terms of whether she was offended by Michelle Obama’s offer.

Roberts recalled how Laura Bush promised to make herself available if Obama ever needed any advice during Barack’s presidency, and Michelle said that she used a portion of her new book to say that she made the same offer to Mrs. Trump.

The thing is, Obama says Trump has never taken up the offer.

CNN’s Kate Bennet asked Grisham about this, and she received a brilliant answer.”

How will Michelle react to this? It will be nice to see her reaction after this incredible response. Maybe she will finally start acting reasonably. That’s the right way to do things. Give up after everything they did to this country.

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