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California Democrat Raided By The FBI – They Open A Closet Full Of Corruption(Read More)

They thought they could bury the evidence, but the FBI knocked down their door.

Just days after the election, Democrats are picking up right where they left off.

California is known for its liberal policies and its corruption, and the FBI just hit both hard.

Across California, Democrats in office have been making life a nightmare for residents of the Golden State. Taxes keep going up, just like homelessness and drug use, causing people to flee the state by the thousands every year.

And many of the politicians making the horrible decisions for the state are involved in dirty dealings themselves.

Now a new case is proving just how deep the corruption goes.

But the Trump administration is cleaning house, and LA City Councilman Jose Huizar is likely going down after the FBI raided his office at City Hall.

From LA Times:

FBI Special Agent David Nanz, who supervised the search warrant at City Hall, declined to comment on what the agents were looking for, saying the warrants executed Wednesday were under seal. He said the FBI was not planning on making any arrests in relation to the warrants on Wednesday.Similar items were also taken from his City Hall office.While no specifics of the raid have been revealed, Huizar has been facing a slew of accusations, including forcing his employees to engage in inappropriate activities like fundraising for his alma mater and altering his schedule on city time.

Huizar spokesman Rick Coca referred questions about the raid to Stephen Kaufman, the councilman’s lawyer. “We’re trying to assess the situation and have no further comment at this time,” Kaufman said.

Huizar’s home was also raided, and agents left with a thumb drive, paper bags, cardboard boxes and a large black plastic tub.


It’s looking like Huizar may have to resign to escape prosecution, but in true crony fashion, he’s working to have his wife replace him and has been actively raising money for her campaign to fill his seat. 

Huizar has also been accused of inappropriate conduct with one of his aides. It sounds like an extra dirty politician trying to run one of America’s largest cities.

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