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Breaking: They Are Going After Hillary

Hillary Clinton thought she would get away with everything she has done so far. But, the former first lady was hit with a wave of bad news, and the presidential election loser may easily end up behind bars. Is not this what everyone hoped for? See Hillary Clinton imprisoned?

federal judge joined a lawsuit against Hillary regarding the private email server scandal and her shady activities during her time in office. The judge has offered an investigation into the case.

How did liberals even dare to initiate an investigation into President Donald Trump? Nobody said a thing at the time Hillary committed crime. The Mueller witch-hunt was their tool against President Trump, and it is so sad that nobody did a thing about Hillary until now.

Conservative NGO Judicial Watch sued under the Freedom of Information Act to get the documents related to Hillary’s crime. US District Court Judge Royce Lamberth decided to support the group, and we bet that Hillary did not even dream of such scenario.

Judicial Watch will have the opportunity to check all the info related with Hillary and pretty much everyone involved in the private email server scandal. What was Hillary doing with her email? How did our state enemies use her crime to harm our country?

Judge Lamberth believes that Hillary’s activities are “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

Hillary was long trying to avoid being questioned for her work as Secretary of State. She used the help of former president Barack Obama and other Democrats who supported her presidential campaign. But, this has come to an end, and we need to see Hillary talk about everything she was hiding from us. Americans cannot wait for the moment to see her testify and reveal all the crimes she committed a few years ago.

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