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After Texas Gov. Abbott Teams Up With Pentagon – They Unleash A New Wave Of Troops To The Southern Border

The situation at our border continues to have issues, and tensions among oncoming travelers and ICE remain high.

You’d think most of D.C. would be working to solve this problem. But to many Americans, it doesn’t appear this way.

To these concerned citizens, President Trump has been the only leader in Washington to make our border a priority.

He’s fought to get Congress to provide funding. The president has even done the impossible by securing significant support from Mexico.

But the job is far from over.

Until our border is 100% secure—through legislative changes and/or a wall—we still face serious national security concerns.

Trump is not sitting back and forgetting about this and as usual, he’s being proactive in making sure every last citizen can sleep easy.

From Breitbart:

“An additional 2,100 troops, including 1,100 active-duty service members and 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers…

…will be deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border ‘in the next several weeks,’ the Pentagon announced.”

Thousands more troops are moving quickly to help at the border.

These new active-duty personnel will provide “aerial surveillance, operational, logistical, and administrative support” to Customs and Border Patrol, which we desperately need.

These servicemen include active-duty military as well as one thousand Texas National Guard soldiers, so it’s a pretty significant force.

As other states refuse to address the border situation, Texas has often stepped up to back the president.

The reinforcements will provide significant support to our over-taxed and burdened Customs and Border agents … their job is already tough enough as it is.

And our agents have been begging for help for months, as they continue to see more and more travelers at our border’s doorstep.

Well, this ought to be a relief for them (at least to some extent).

Over time, the hope is the problems we’re facing down South will get better.

We’ve got a ways to go but Trump is making sure—no matter what happens—the American people and our safety comes first.

Thank you Gov. Abbott and Thank you Trump!

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