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After Reporter Suggests Impeachment, Sarah Huckabee Silences Them With Truth

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned for a press briefing today as reporters were frothing at the mouth to get questions answered.

Reporters continuously asked the same questions over and over, which Sarah had already answered several times.

One reporter would not relent on asking Sarah to comment about Paul Manafort being found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes.

Sarah’s answer stunned everyone in attendance and infuriated Democrats nationwide.

“The idea of an impeachment is, frankly, a sad attempt by Democrats and the only message they seem to have going into the midterm. And I think it’s another great reminder of why Americans should support other like-minded candidates like the President that are actually focused on continuing to grow the economy, continuing to secure our borders, continuing to focus on the safety and security of all Americans.”

Then, Sarah said something no liberal in this country wanted to hear.

“I think that the biggest contrast that you could possibly make is the message of the Democrats, which is nothing more than attacking the President, looking at cheap political stunts, while this White House and Republicans in the House and Senate are focused on actually doing things for the American people.”

Boom! This is the absolute truth of why the people of this country put President Trump in office in the 2016 election. He truly fights for us!

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