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After Liberals Boycott Trump’s SOTU, Sarah Huckabee Does the INCREDIBLE

Liberal Hollywood celebrities opted to boycott President Trump’s first State of the Union Address Tuesday night. Actors such as Mark Ruffalo, John Leguizamo, Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Schumer and several others gathered together at a theater in Manhattan to rail against Trump and his speech.

It went as you would expect, with a lot of whining and complaining by people who shouldn’t be involved with politics and should just be sticking to their entertainment jobs.

Mark Ruffalo was the MC for the evening and had some angry words to say to the crowd about President Trump.

“We’re going to set our sights to continue that work in the next year, and strengthen our bonds and commitments to each other, for long after the Trump era comes to its rightful end. We ain’t stopping with Trump, OK?” 

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., real work was getting done while the celebrities played dress-up politician.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped by Fox News Tuesday night to talk about the upcoming speech and a little about the joke that was the “Liberal State of the Union.”

First, the hosts asked if she thinks the liberals message is different from the Trump administration message. Her answer was EPIC.

“Thankfully so, because their message is one of negativity 

and, frankly, I think a little bit of delusion.”

Sarah then talked about President Trump’s incredible first year in office and all the victories he has achieved, like breaking stock market records right and left, defeating ISIS, bringing jobs back from other countries, to name a few.

The host then asked Sarah if President Trump gets bothered when celebrities protest him and his policies. Her answer will infuriate every liberal in this country.

“I think if Americans cared what celebrities thought, Hillary Clinton would be president. But they clearly don’t. She brought out every A-list, B-list, C-list celebrity she could find to help her build crowds and it didn’t matter. Americans wanted somebody to come in and shake-up and change Washington and that is exactly what President Trump did.”

Do you agree with Sarah?

Can we get 100,000 SHARES to tell Trump he is doing a WONDERFUL job!?

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